Powder Case With Puff For Baby

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Premium Powder Puff for Babies is made to the highest safety standards, specifically designed for a baby's delicate skin. This puff is soft and versatile. It comes individually packaged, hypoallergenic and safe for babies. To clean, wipe the plastic parts with a wet cloth; if the puff ball gets wet, allow it to dry before use.


  • Suitable for Children and Adults - Especially for children, you can use this powder puff to apply the talcum powder on your kid's skin.
  • Loose Cover-- This powder puff is very useful and beautiful, big puff design can make used to take the powder easily and apply the powder to the baby's body. The furry puff is very soft and gentle to apply after bath and apply dusting powder on the body evenly and smoothly.
  • Good Grip Handle-- Special design with a handle for one handheld operation, easy to use, and doesn't worry about slip. The powder puff can pick and hold the right amount of loose powder, shading powder, and body powder well, is easy to apply evenly, and no more waste of your powder.
  • Large Capacity Box--The powder container is a bit larger than the average powder case. A large-size powder container-wide application, you can use it to store cosmetics, and art supplies hardware; Large capacity box and big fluffy puff are easily screwed together for compact storage and have great use.
  • Safe and Healthy Materials--Delicate and ultra-soft fur, easy to dry, not deformed, refuse powder flying, let our baby get better care. The upper and lower covers are extra thick and not easy to crack. It is firm and durable, with an exquisite and practical handle, which makes it more convenient for mom to use.


  • 1 X Powder Puff With Case
Powder Case With Puff For Baby

Powder Case With Puff For Baby