About us

From Mom and Pop to Your Doorstep:
A New Chapter Begins

Maa & Baby has a story that startedΒ  in 1993. What began as a humble mom and pop store in Surat has now evolved into an exciting new chapter in our journey. We're thrilled to introduce our online retail venture, where we bring our carefully curated range of baby care products to new parents all across India.

Our Beginnings

Back in the day, we started with a simple yet crucial mission: to make quality baby care products readily available to parents. The market lacked easy access to these essentials, so we took the initiative to change that. Our small store in Surat quickly became a trusted destination for parents seeking top-notch baby care items.

Quality, Convenience and Care

Our transition from a retail store to an online retail operation only strengthens our commitment to quality, convenience, and care. We remain devoted to serving you and your baby's needs of comfort. We're here to make parenting simpler and more enjoyable, one specialized product at a time.

Thank you for choosing Maa & Baby as your trusted destination for all your specialized baby care needs.