Medicine Dropper for Babies

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Medicine droppers are mandatory in order to bypass the baby’s taste buds and make them have their medicine. To avoid spills or babies spitting out the medicine, use our Baby Bucket Medicine Dropper for Babies.

These medicine droppers for babies are easy to use and are made of food-safe materials. The rubber bulb on the top is pink/blue in colour and can be easily pressed so that the medicine as per required dosage can be administered. Again, with a gentle press, the medicine can be injected into the baby’s mouth. It has a nice holding grip and has clear markings from 1ml to max 5ml.


  • Made of food-grade qualified materials.

  • Capacity of holding is 5ml medicine.

  • Rubber bulbs are grippy to hold.

  • They have clear dosage markings .

  • No spills and easy to use on babies.


Wash care instructions

  • Thoroughly wash in warm water
  • Use only after washing.
  • Do not leave the medicine to dry inside.

Items included in the package

  • 1 x Medicine Dropper .
Medicine Dropper for Babies

Medicine Dropper for Babies